Professional Entrepreneurship

We believe combining disciplined management with entrepreneurial vision maximizes opportunities in dynamic markets. When companies face uncertainty,  we find innovative ways to magnify advantage and minimize risk.

Results-Driven Collaboration

Success comes when highly motivated, competent people share a vision, and come together to reach it. We partner with people who share our values and our commitment to deliver exceptional results.

Global Perspective

Supported by our international network of partners, we operate in the context of our world’s increasingly connected markets and businesses. We approach every opportunity with a world view.


We expect our team and portfolio companies to adhere to sound ethical principles, honesty and a high standard of professional conduct. Individual and organizational integrity builds trust and ensures lasting relationships.

Open Communication

The truth is our greatest ally. By being open, sharing information and professionally managing the expectations of our investors and other stakeholders, we ensure success.

Empowered Teams

We encourage entrepreneurial behavior in our people and empower them to make and execute professional, well-reasoned decisions.

Mutual Respect

We create an environment of mutual respect and trust that fosters teamwork and leads to success by delivering consistent results to all of our stakeholders.