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Steven Karol of Watermill Group holds a copy of the Mergers & Acquisitions magazine he is featured in

Steven Karol Featured in Mergers & Acquisitions Manufacturing Article

We’re delighted to share that Steven Karol, Managing Partner & Founder of Watermill Group, has been featured in the May 2017 Mergers & Acquisitions cover story on precision manufacturing. As Steven says in the piece, “We are bullish on manufacturing in North America. Advanced manufacturing is creating a lot of new opportunities in many different sectors for many…

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The Shifting Spotlight on Independent Sponsors

We hoped this day would come. The day when the broader market would wake to see the benefits and proven success of a deal-by-deal approach to private equity. At Watermill, our heritage as a nearly 40 year investor in private companies always pointed us toward a focus on improving company performance, as opposed to financial…

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Steven Karol on the Importance of Safety

“If we’ve developed an industry-leading safety program, then that company is most likely better at manufacturing than their competition,” Steven Karol, Managing Partner and Founder, The Watermill Group We sat down with Watermill Founder and Managing Partner, Steven Karol, to discuss the safety program at Tenere – a Watermill company that last month expanded internationally…

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Partner Profile: Meet Watermill Group’s Bob Ackerman

Providing internships to students interested in the private equity industry is an important part of the Watermill culture. Recently a few of our interns had the opportunity to sit down with Bob for an interview. Enjoy! How does your prior experience running Watermill Group portfolio companies help you in your role as a partner? Working…

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Thoughts on the Future

Being on the verge of graduating college sets you up for a nasty bout of the “shoulds” — a cascade of career advice from everyone you know. This is all good and well, however, the shocking eminence of important career decisions begs the question: how are college grads to evaluate themselves and their career opportunities?…

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The Top 10 Insights Into Working at a Private Equity Company

1) When you reveal to a Partner that the exciting new deal is $20m below our revenue criteria (Source tumblr) 2) When we get blown out of the water on an IOI (Source tumblr) 3) When you realize the “proprietary deal” is actually a full auction (Source tumblr) 4) When we bid low on a…

July 23, 2013