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Watermill’s Steven Karol on Transforming a Firm

September 8, 2013 – Privcap sits down with Watermill’s Steven Karol to discuss transforming industrial processes by setting new goal parameters to increase a company’s profitability. Watermill acquired rubber manufacturing company Preferred Compounding in 2002, when the company was at a challenging crossroads. Steve Karol of Watermill discusses how the transformation of industrial processes can allow a…

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Preferred Compounding Welcomes Future With Stronger Services — and a new brand

BARBERTON, OHIO – Four years of improvements have Preferred Compounding charging into 2010 with strong fundamentals and a well-provisioned tool set for meeting the needs of manufacturers that use custom compounded elastomers. The company is signaling this emergence by introducing a new name, logo and branding. As of April 19, Preferred Rubber Compounding Corporation is…

April 19, 2010