C&M Wins 2012 Connecticut Quality Improvement Award

C&M Corporation, a vertically integrated manufacturer of bulk cable, coil cords, and cable assemblies, has announced receipt of a 2012 Innovation Prize from the Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership, Inc. C&M’s Gold Level Award was formally presented at the 25th anniversary Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Conference on Quality and Innovation, held June 5, 2012, at St. Clements Castle in Portland, CT.

C&M earned the award for their submission entitled, “Answering the U.S. Military’s COTS Initiatives in the Area of Interconnect Products”. The submission outlined the origin of the military’s MOTS (Military Off The Shelf) and COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) programs and, in response, C&M’s development of their MMIP™ (Military Mold Improvement Platform) product family. These molded cable assemblies use available tooling for the military’s most popular circular connectors (38999, 5015, and 26482) and shell sizes (8/9/A to 24/25/J). The MMIP™ product line is a superior and more ruggedized product that performs in the harshest environments with proven reliability. The MMIP™ product’s molded construction provides environmental sealing and functional strain reliefs while reducing the weight and profile of the assembly. MMIP™ cable assemblies are currently used in theatre in applications such as sniper detection, portable airfield lighting and vehicle based systems.

The evaluation criteria used by the examiners is consistent with those used as part of the Malcolm Baldrige Award. The Baldrige Award, created by public law in 1987, is the highest level of national recognition for performance excellence that a United States’ organization can receive.

About C&M Corporation:

C&M Corporation, headquartered in Wauregan, CT, is an integrated manufacturer of bulk cable, coil cords, and cable assemblies (both molded and mechanical). C&M offers manufacturing options in the US, Mexico, and China and produces a wide range of cable interconnect solutions for the Industrial, Multi-media, Renewable Energy, Military, Medical, Data Collection, and Datacom/Telecom marketplaces. C&M is a leader in providing engineered interconnect solutions through reliable customer service, world class quality systems, and a wide breadth of manufacturing capabilities that include bulk cable production, internal mold tool fabrication, and innovative assembly constructions. For more information call 860-774-4812, contact C&M’s Military Market Manager, Danielle Braley, at dbraley@cmcorporation.com, or visit C&M at www.cmcorporation.com.

MMIP™ is a trademark of C&M Corporation

This article was originally published by C & M Corporation.

June 11, 2012