What the Fine Tubes & Superior Tube Alliance Means to Their Customers

Stainless Steel World Magazine featured Fine Tubes & Superior Tube in their September cover story. We’re delighted to be able to share the full article with you here:

SSW Cover Story

Fine Tubes & Superior Tube have 150+ years of joint expertise in precision tube engineering and since acquiring the companies in 2012, our team has really enjoyed helping them align both operationally and strategically. We’re particularly touched by this quote from Brian Mercer, Global Director of Sales and Marketing, who is based with Fine Tubes in the UK: “We’re excited that Watermill is taking a strategic approach to developing our business whilst also being very supportive of our management team. We’re particularly pleased about the skills, knowledge, and sense of team play they have built in, whilst creating a single global organization.”

Adding strategic value and supporting teams are at the core of our corporate strategy and it is great to see these values resonating with our portfolio companies. Congratulations to the teams at both Fine Tubes & Superior Tube for their contributions to this fine feature story!

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