FutureMark Paper Wins Award for Best Green Reliability Program

FutureMarkĀ® Paper Company, the only North American manufacturer capable of producing up to 100% recycled coated paper for magazines and catalogs, was awarded the Best Green Reliability Program by Uptime Magazine yesterday at the Solutions 2.0 Conference.

“The judging panel was impressed by FutureMark Paper’s commitment to environmental sustainability in every aspect of its business, including its predictive maintenance and reliability programs,” said Terry O’Hanlon, publisher of Uptime Magazine and Reliabilityweb.com. “The gains that FutureMark made in production, efficiency and cost avoidance demonstrate the significant impact a well-designed, well-run predictive maintenance program can have on a company’s operations.”

FutureMark Paper Company estimates it has saved more than $2 million so far from reductions in downtime, idle time, quality losses and maintenance costs since embarking on its new maintenance and reliability program last year. The company has instituted hundreds of changes to its machine monitoring and plant maintenance programs, from simple process refinements in the prioritizing and handling of work orders to the complex integration of accelerometers, infrared scanners and ultrasonic sensors to detect potential points of malfunction before they can disrupt production.

“Our predictive maintenance program is a prime example of how new technologies and process innovations can help transform a business,” said FutureMark’s President and CEO Steve Silver. “Our maintenance engineers have helped us achieve steady gains in production levels to meet the unprecedented demand for our recycled paper. We’re very proud to be honored as Uptime’s Best Green Reliability Program.”

The Uptime PdM Awards recognize exceptional predictive maintenance programs and the engineering teams who run them. Winners are chosen from a broad field of applicants in such diverse industries as energy, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, mining and paper. This year’s winners were honored during an awards ceremony last night at the Solutions 2.0 Conference in Bonita Springs, Fla.

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November 9, 2010