FutureMark Sets the Bar Higher for US Recycled Paper Companies

As featured on the Triplepundit blog: When paper is recycled, its ink, coating and unusable fibers are left as waste products. But FutureMark has developed a way of changing that.

These “waste” materials are high in calcium and, according to FutureMark, “…have nutritive properties similar to agricultural lime, which is a common fertilizer supplement.” So now, FutureMark connects 30,000 tons of this material to a farm supply group each year. Instead of being hauled to a landfill, it is used in landscaping applications. This also decreases the need for mining liming agents, and this alternative soil nutrient is just being PR happy talk, it is currently distributed through Prairie Lime of DeMotte.

FutureMark is also the one US company that can produce 100 percent recycled coated mechanical printing paper (think glossy magazines and catalogs). By comparison, most coated mechanical paper has only around 15 percent recycled content.

This article was originally published by TriplePundit.

April 9, 2010