Happy Holidays From the Watermill Team!

Every year the Watermill team finds new and creative ways to embarrass the partners in our family style holiday card. This year, we let the dogs, Dash and Becket, choose the theme. It was no surprise then when they turned the tables on us: sick of wearing cute costumers and demeaning outfits, they made their humans dress in ugly sweaters!

Many of you likely received the holiday card in the mail, but for those of you we missed, apologies, and please enjoy!


Front cover of the Watermill 2014 holiday card


Happy holidays from the Watermill team! Clockwise from top left: Kaari, Julia, Sarah, Bob A., Peter, Yumi, Mike, Jenn, Bob Z., Ben, Dale, Steve, Tim, Dash & Becket! Missing from the fun: Matt Bergin, John Carr, Monte Haymon and intern Stefan Hobl



Season’s Greetings from Dash & Becket!





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