On America Recycles Day, FutureMark Paper Company Announces Milestone of 1.5 Billion Pounds of Paper Recycled

Today on America Recycles Day, the only nationally recognized day dedicated to the promotion of recycling programs in the United States, FutureMark® Paper Company announced it has recycled more than 1.5 billion pounds of paper since its mill first began producing coated publication paper eight years ago. The Illinois-based company, which is the only North American manufacturer capable of producing up to 100-percent recycled lightweight coated paper for magazines and catalogs, reached the 1.5 billion milestone last month.

To illustrate the impact of this achievement, the amount of paper recycled by FutureMark averages about 530 pounds for each person in Chicago. The company has reused enough waste paper to displace 2.48 million cubic yards of landfill space and save more than 12
million trees.

“Our recycling activities contribute to the green economy and urban ecology of Chicago,” said FutureMark’s President and CEO Steve Silver. “From an environmental perspective, recycled paper takes less water, energy and chemicals to make than paper from trees. From an economic perspective, we’re using waste paper from the local area to make recycled paper that’s wholly competitive in quality and price to conventional paper. For FutureMark and our customers, recycled paper is simply the best economic and environmental option.”

Since 2003, FutureMark Paper Company has produced lightweight coated paper – the type used in many magazines, catalogs and advertising circulars – with a high level of recycled content unmatched by any producer in North America. The company is on track to recycle more paper in 2010 than it has in any previous year to meet the rising demand for recycled paper among environmentally progressive publishers and retailers.

This article was originally published by Business Wire.

November 15, 2010