The Plastics Group, Inc. Launches Eco Garden House

Eco Garden House: A Breakthrough In Indoor Gardening

The Eco Garden House is an all-in-one indoor greenhouse that gardeners—novices or pros—can set up in as little as an hour, and begin growing beautiful plants and nutritious food that same day. It’s a significant technological advance over current do-it-yourself indoor greenhouse products and a major step forward in the at-home gardening movement.

“If the consumer wants to garden at home indoors, there hasn’t been a readily accessible all-in-one product solution. The components have to be cobbled together from a myriad of sources and are just too confusing and expensive,” says Mike Deckard, the vice president of consumer product sales for the manufacturer, The Plastics Group Inc. (TPG), Willowbrook, Illinois. “It requires expertise, multiple
sources and a lot of time.”

Anyone concerned about the availability, source and processing of their fruits, vegetables, and herbs can use the Eco Garden House to control seed varieties, soil nutrients and pesticides. “We wanted people to be able to take control of their food source,” Deckard says. “In the Eco Garden House, the mechanics are
already installed and easy to manage with one simple control panel.”

About The Plastics Group, Inc.

The Plastics Group based in Willowbrook, Illinois, is a leading, full-service  blow molder of plastic components that provides highly engineered products and value-added services. The Plastics Group is among the largest custom blow molding companies in North America and has distinctive capabilities in advanced materials engineering, large scale blow molded plastic parts, and supply chain management.

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