Moore’s Lumber & Building Supplies, Inc.

Where others saw:

A lumber and building supplier trying unsuccessfully to serve both retail and professional buyers

We envisioned:

A company capable of dominating the pro-builder market by leaving the retail segment behind and providing superior service to a critical geographic region


  • Partnered  and co-invested with an industry leader to leverage market and operations insight
  • Realigned the strategy to focus on the professional builder market
  • Rationalized underperforming and non-core centers including those in undesirable geographic locations or those serving markets outside the strategic focus
  • Extended company offerings to include value-added capabilities to pro-builders
  • Refocused performing centers on pro-builder market, replacing their former consumer customers
  • Restructured overhead to levels more typical of a contractor -focused business model

We implemented our strategy and exited the investment to a strategic buyer for an overall return of 7x invested capital.