Quality Metalcraft, Inc. and Experi-Metal Inc.

Where others saw:

  • A  metals stamping company and an automotive prototype company both located in Detroit and both serving a cyclical industry which has been mostly unchanged for decades.

Watermill envisions:

  • Two collaborative companies which together will offer complementary, end-to-end prototype and niche production services to OEMs, automakers and new entrants to the mobility market and other industries.
  • An unparalleled partner to discerning customers that responds quickly, creatively and with exceptional service levels; without compromising quality or precision and which helps customers stay on top of rapidly developing new technologies and intensifying market demand
  • A nimble design and manufacturing resource capable of supporting customers to quickly design and launch new models, easily target niche consumer segments and create better, safer vehicles
  • The go-to resource for providing critical bridge production support and factory assist services to launch or keep customers’ production lines running in times of fluctuating manufacturing capacity

 Watermill Will:

  • Help the companies develop a long term collaborative strategy that will deepen the their shared and unparalleled commitment to service
  • Utilize both companies broad capability range to create a comprehensive, end-to-end service offering to better enable customers who seek creativity, speed, flexibility and quality
  • Strategically bolster capabilities to further enable  customers to access niche markets, discerning consumers, and emerging technologies and markets
  • Drive operational improvements throughout both companies