Vertex Corporate Holdings, Inc.

Where others saw:

A distribution company in a declining industry that was overexposed to commodity pricing

We envisioned:

A leader in the industrial distribution market capable of leveraging its deep relationships with customers and suppliers and its strong sales channels for a wider variety of products


  • Strengthened its core competencies by expanding product offerings and increasing distribution channels serviced
  • Rationalized commodity market price fluctuations by taking advantage of competitive industry dynamics
  • Installed a new CFO and implemented stronger financial controls
  • Acquired new corporate headquarters with state of the art distribution capabilities
  • Bolstered sales and marketing teams
  • Added new acquisition, All-Metric, in 2006

We implemented our strategy and exited the investment to a strategic buyer for an overall return of 5.6x invested capital.

In addition, Watermill created a separate investment group to acquire and refurbish a new facility for the company which enabled a critical move from antiquated facilities in Pawtucket, RI to a more functional building in Attleboro, MA and accelerated strategic implementation. The real estate investment returned 5.5x invested capital to investors, including annual distributions of between 15-35%.