TPG Celebrates One Year With Watermill Group

The Watermill Group loves to celebrate birthdays. Our team is small with a quirky and intimate culture, so at Watermill, we mark each birthday with a cake, some very bad singing, and an occasional birthday prank or gag gift.

That’s why we are so excited to celebrate the one year birthday of our acquisition of The Plastics Group, Inc. (TPG). Acquired on February 28, 2014, TPG has been a valued member of our portfolio. As this milestone approaches, it is a great opportunity to reflect on the company’s progress to date:

  • TPG has undergone a strategic planning process to refine and clarify the company’s strategic direction and major goals
  • Members of the management team have attended Watermill’s annual management retreat and shared valuable ideas and approaches with their peers in other portfolio organizations
  • The company has launched a new consumer product: The Eco Garden House exclusively sold at Sam’s clubs nationwide
  • New customers have recognized the TPG’s exceptional engineering team and have developed partnerships that take advantage of TPG’s custom design, materials expertise and supply chain management/logistics solutions offerings.

We are thrilled to sing Happy Birthday to TPG at the top of our lungs (although a little off-key) and excited for the coming years of high velocity growth at TPG.

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