Steven Karol Featured in Mergers & Acquisitions Manufacturing Article

We’re delighted to share that Steven Karol, Managing Partner & Founder of Watermill Group, has been featured in the May 2017 Mergers & Acquisitions cover story on precision manufacturing. As Steven says in the piece, “We are bullish on manufacturing in North America. Advanced manufacturing is creating a lot of new opportunities in many different sectors for many different companies. I believe this trend will continue.”

The article includes insights into Process Automation, Automobiles, Aerospace, Medical Devices, and Precision Machining. Steven discusses Watermill Group portfolio companies Quality Metalcraft, Inc. and Experi-Metal Inc. in the automobile portion. Both companies are at the forefront of the advanced manufacturing trend within the automotive industry. Traditional automotive companies and new entrants to the field are all striving for innovation, which provides new opportunities for QMC and EMI. As Karol states, “As the auto industry continues to advance toward new drive trains and autonomous cars it will continue to require a very precise manufacturing process. QMC is ready to meet the needs of the expanding market.”

Read the full article here: 5 Reasons the Manufacturing Industry is Teeming with Deals


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