Watermill Launches Startup, Reaches New Altitudes

Just Kidding! As much as our senior team likes to imagine a life retired on the beach, we are all very much grounded at our desks working hard to help our companies climb to new heights and bring our loyal investors the next great opportunity.  Happy April Fools, 2016!

April 1, 2016

Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Watermill Group’s newest program: Karol Atmosfera, the only boutique airline serving America’s retirement communities with direct flights from Lexington, MA.

To help this new airline during its take off and to reduce the turbulence typically associated with high velocity startups, Steven Karol will be assuming the role of CEO and Chief Pilot.

“I have always dreamed my career would soar to the role of Chief Pilot,” Said Steven E. Karol, “Now, with our network of friends and family increasingly moving south, the time is right to launch a new airline service. Finally I get to realize my lofty goal and see my passion for flying rise to new heights.”

Beginning on April 2, 2016, Karol Atmosfera will provide regular direct flights between Lexington, MA and Charleston, SC; Jacksonville, FL;  Vieques, PR; and others.  Karol Atmosfera is also available for charter to any location with average temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with discounts offered to sites in the Carolinas and Caribbean.

“We conceived of the idea of serving warmer locations after surviving the below zero temperatures in Boston this year. Luckily for us, those locations happen to have a large and growing segment of potential customers: retirees.”

To elevate the passenger experience, Karol Atmosfera offers amenities such as convenient pick up and take off from your local golf course, an onboard IT professional to address even the most complex computer concerns, pet transportation, cocktail hours, card games, and light flexibility and balance activities to support mobility.

Some lucky passengers will experience the added levity of the Watermill mascots, Beckett and Dash, who may serve as Steve’s co-pilots on certain flights. They thoroughly enjoy sitting right seat and barking orders at their Chief pilot.

Watermill believes the firm has landed on an untapped market. We are certain this new boutique airline concept is really going to skyrocket and are thrilled to have Steven Karol behind the wheel of this venture.


Watermill Group

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