Watermill’s Top 10 Tips for Surviving Intergrowth 2015

ACG’s Intergrowth 2015 is only a few days away! Are you prepared? Read on for our  top ten survival tips.

  1. Have a plan. You can get by without one at many of the smaller conferences, but Intergrowth is a different beast. You’re unlikely to bump into all the people you’re hoping to see in a crowd this large.
  2. Wear flats. Or at least make sure you bring a pair with you, so you can change as needed. You’ll walk a lot farther than you expect over the course of the conference and your feet will thank you.
  3. Channel your college days and do your best to survive on limited sleep. Alternatively, avoid the 7am coffee meetings at all costs. Consider boycotting any lender that pushes you to meet with them that early.
  4. Maximize your time. While we typically love a sit down dinner, please don’t be offended if we pass on your invitation. With all of the competing cocktail hours and after parties going on, it is nearly impossible to squeeze one in. Intergrowth – where everyone is a social butterfly.
  5. Fuel up. Taking the time to eat and stay hydrated is important. The people at your Wednesday afternoon meetings will notice and appreciate it if you can managed to stay engaged and actively listen after 48+ hours at Intergrowth.
  6. Stand out. Live a little and try ditching the blue blazer for a change. You may be surprised by how much more memorable it’ll make you.
  7. Pack smart. Bring four times the business cards you think you’ll need and half of the heavy brand folders.
  8. Be open minded. Don’t assume any woman you meet is a booth babe.
  9. Enjoy yourself. Focus on making one or two new friends. If you spend your time racing to gather as many business cards as possible, you’ll miss the chance to truly connect.
  10. Stop by the Watermill table at Capital Connection (#599). We’re disappointed we’ll be missing Red Sox Opening Day at Fenway, but we’re looking forward to spending it with all of you. Plus, we’ll be handing out Cracker Jacks.

Keep an eye out for Ben, Sarah, and Julia at this year’s conference. We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

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