“The Covid Recession- 2008 or Something Else?”

Gordian Group- Podcast Discussion Series “Are distressed companies facing the same challenges today as in the ’08 crisis?” “Will there be another wave of defaults, and if so what sector?”

The Watermill Family is Growing

During these trying times and feelings of uncertainty it is important to reflect on the positives and what matters most. At Watermill we are grateful for our friends, family and

Introducing The New

With much excitement, today we announce the relaunch of This new digital home reflects Watermill to a tee. It is modern, creative and responsive. It puts our values first.

Julia Karol Joins Northstar’s Private Equity Fast Pitch podcast

This week, Watermill President & COO Julia Karol joined Northstar’s Private Equity Fast Pitch podcast to discuss Watermill’s history and culture, providing a window into the DNA of our third-generation

“Watermill Group’s president is doing something about private equity’s ‘bro culture’”

This article originally appeared in the Boston Business Journal By Greg Ryan – Law and Money Reporter, BBJ Lexington-based private equity firm Watermill Group, traditionally an investor in industrial manufacturers,

Leading a Sea Change in Private Equity

We’re witnessing an exciting demographic and cultural transformation. A sea change impacting whole industries and societies: The rise of female leadership. For decades, female leaders and entrepreneurs have been fighting

Watermill Group Launches WMX

Private investment firm seeks to accelerate late stage investments in gender-diverse teams Recognizing the positive link between female leadership and business performance, the Watermill Group today launched WMX—an initiative that